Sell your Retired Equipment for more $$$! Here’s how SolarTrak can help.

Affordable Fleet Tracking & Management Solutions
for under $10 a month!

SolarTrak’s GPS/telematics fleet management software helps you monitor, manage and track your rental and construction fleets and vehicles.

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Never “misplace” equipment again! Know where it is and if it is ready to use.

  • Get email or text notifications when your equipment is moved.
  • Updates every 2 minutes while the engine is running or the asset is moving – no pinging required.
  • See engine activity, such as engine run times and start and stop locations.

Even if the equipment is parked off road at a construction site, send your crews to the exact location! No more wasted time spent searching for equipment!

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Track and monitor equipment quickly by GPS coordinates or street address.

Both you and your billing staff will love this feature.

SolarTrak’s Engine-Hours report tells you exactly if and when your equipment was operating.

  • Renting equipment? Get every dollar you are owed! If your customer calls off rent on Friday but you can’t pickup until Monday, know if (and when) the customer used the skid steer over the weekend.
  • Customer claims the backhoe didn’t work? You’ll see exactly when and for how long it was operating.

SolarTrak totals the engine-hours for the day, week and month for easy, accurate billing.

Check equipment operation with Engine-Hours Reporting.

Keep your fleet working longer — and help extend its life — by using automatic Maintenance Alerts.

You define the maintenance your equipment requires and when:

  • Oil, air, and hydraulic fluid changes
  • Battery voltage checks
  • Routine maintenance / inspections

You determine if, when, and how you are alerted: text or email. A healthy fleet will keep the money flowing!

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Avoid repairs! Get Routine Maintenance alerts.

You define and create Geofences:

  • Around your work zone
  • Around your customer’s projects
  • Around your service area, town, or state
  • Even around your own equipment yard!

Then you determine if, when, and how you are alerted: by text or email. Keep control by knowing when and where each machine is… or assign Geofences to your Managers or Satellite Locations. Either way, your job just got easier!

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Create Geofences and track assets in and out of worksites or your yard.
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SolarTrak is a GPS/online fleet management solution that’s easy to install, easy to use, and affordable! Simply install a tracker, then login online to track and manage your fleet from your office computer or smartphone.

Flexible plans allow you to rent or buy. Optimize your fleet’s productivity, improve logistics, manage your equipment and curb theft — all while making your fleet management easier!  Call 1-484-223-4994 for a FREE demo today.